April 23, 2014 GALWAY, IRELAND


You can read online version here.

It's absolutely amazing when ELLE Magazines approved my travel writing about Galway. One of the reason is that ELLE is my most favourite fashion magazine at the moment, especially ELLE Vietnam.  Their products are highly creative and their concept for each magazine is chic, careful, meticulous and exclusive. This is the A-team.  

Indeed, it has been a long time since the day I felt very (very) excited when I have an article in print. And, I genuinely think that I should keep it frequent month by month at least. There's simply good for my mind now because I could make my brain working hard everyday for my new projects ahead. So much the better, my close friends in hometown are very kind and thoughtful because they knew how to make me surprised more than ever by buying this magazine and let me know they are also happy to share with my success. Definitely, I feel I am a rich person now. 

Lovely. Thanks to my true friends very much. 

Finally I could share some images which were taken on Saint Patrick's Day last month. Just enjoy and give me some feedbacks.

Happy Wednesday, friends.

Photography by Linh Dang

Credit by Molly Thanh Hang


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