June 21, 2016 PARIS, FRANCE
"Let's rule the world, but first.. let's have coffee"

A quick post to throw back the beginning of Spring in Paris last year. This is one of my favourite Parisian coffee shops. If I lived here long enough, I would visit some local coffee places, have a coffee date with dear friends, order a cup of cappuccino and have a wonderful day together with my girls at weekend. Or I would sit alone and read a book on an off day at work just because of their warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Craft Café is a great café in the 10th arrondissement which is situated on a quiet street near Canal Saint-Martin. I randomly visited it when it was raining on the first day in Paris. It was such a cosy place with a very kind staff and a selection of tasty food and drinks. I didn't try a cup of coffee over there because I might get "drunk" off caffeine but I could feel that they had delicious coffee due to their delectable smell. You should swing by and warm up your fingers at Craft one day. It's definitely worth a visit if you're in the city.

Location: 24 rue des vinaigriers 75010 Paris.

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