July 14, 2016 DUBLIN, IRELAND
Denim is always a good idea!  

n. noun
a sturdy cotton twill fabric, 
used for jeans, 
typically blue.

Being in Vietnam when I'm writing this post but these photos were taken in Dublin two weeks ago. Denim is always a great idea when you don't know what to wear. Also, it's always a worthy investment, and this Zara pocket dress is no exception. If there is one fast fashion retailer that stands just a few steps behind luxury brands in terms of quality and eye-soothing designs, that's the Zara that has been stocking our wardrobes year in year out. Therefore, I've got an item from the "i am denim" design project, which I will post in another entry next time.

Meanwhile, let's update something about my short trip in Vietnam. Having a baby makes me feel that I'm not excited to visit home this time. It's because I clearly know that I don't have much time to hang out with my friends or take time to go around the city. But I deeply in love Saigon very very much!!! Here I can meet up new friends, see my close friends again to have a gossip with them, shop around the city centre and enjoy tons of delicious food. How can I stay at home without going outside for a while? Anyway, nobody can share this feeling with me, of course!

However, I honestly admit that I prefer the weather of Ireland at the moment even though it's often rainy all the time but it's so cool and relaxing so that I can suffer from the temperature below 20 degrees. In the meantime, I'm falling sick due to the weather changes. Perhaps this is the simple reason why I also miss Dublin these days. When you live far from somewhere enough, you begin to feel homesick over there. So do I.

Photography: Linh Dang  Editing:Molly Thanh Hang

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