Nicky is one of the nicest and most down-to-earth people I've met 
who can help us to discover a muse on the inside 
through her beauty tips and her life experience. 

Nicky Khánh Ngọc has one of those jobs that seems very unique and super cool for young ladies. She is a senior beauty editor, writer and documents her beauty world on the page called "the muse"

I've known Nicky for a few years and what I love about her is how she uses her mellifluous voice to talk about beauty products as well as her chic style, taste and dedication to her work. Nicky is one of the nicest and most down-to-earth people I've met who can help us to discover a muse on the inside through her beauty tips and her life experience. That's why, every time I have visited Saigon, I literally jumped her to have a coffee date. 

Today on Molly Journeys, Nicky revealed to us about how she has done with a beauty minute from morning to evening everyday. 


People might have think that my skincare routine is super complicated with lots of product layers. Actually aside from cleansing I stick to 4 - 5 skincare steps only. 

Double-cleansing is the key for every woman who has even only sunblock everyday. Remove make up with a cleansing oil (from Shu UemuraLaneige or Kosé) then follow by foaming cleanser with cleansing brush. 

The ultimate must-have product is activating lotion so I start both morning and evening routine with it. Right now I am switching between su:m 37 Secret Essence or OHUI Cell Power No.1, both from Korea. That is followed by a nourishing anti-aging 3 steps routine from the Bichup line of The History Of Whoo. I love this line. It gives my skin a healthy pinkish glow and silky texture after two months usage. 

Sometimes I layer different serums such as The Body Shop Drop of Youth concentrate, SKII Cellumination Aura Essence or Guerlain Blanc de Perle whitening essence. The morning routine ends with the sunblock from Kosé while evening would not complete without the eye cream from Dior Prestige so that I look alert the next morning.

Mask is also vital to great skin. I use sheet masks from different brands or homemade masks made by honey/green tea or oatmeal. Gentle scrubbing to remove dead skin cells can be done with Naunau  honey & black sugar scrub. I am also in love with that yummy product from the local beauty brand.

Photography & Editing: Molly Thanh Hang

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