August 22, 2016 DUBLIN, IRELAND
"say yes to new adventures!"

I'm back in Dublin after a lovely but crazy (because my daughter was sick a lot) vacation with my family in Vietnam. Coming back Dublin feels nice (despite the stupid rain) and I'm quickly taking over my everyday life, solving some troubles that are happening and getting back into daily routine.  I've also registered some option modules for my upcoming master degree so I'm finally able to say that I'm ready to chase my dream now. But you know, life is still not easy in some special cases. It would be hard to study a Master degree by yourself and it would be harder to do that when you have a toddler. 

What's more, I am aiming for 45-minute of exercise a day and following a low-carb diet, which I could get the flat abs. It would be the most successful target of the year if I was patient. Come on, girl! This is your life and this is your health. You could do that! Chaiyo!

Anyhow, below you'll find a few Dublin city life moments that I captured last weekend. I hope you'll enjoy!

Photography: Linh Dang – Still-life photos & Editing:Molly Thanh Hang

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