She looks like Totochan - a little girl at the window

After over one month back to Vietnam, Linh Lan has had a meaningful holiday with her grandparents and new friends. I know that she loves people and gives them a smile when she feels comfortable. When she has been familiar with the temperature and people here, it's also the time to leave the city. Anyways, you can believe that she can feel happy by herself even though she's just been one year old because she's very delighted with many things these days.


There was a lot of food and drink that we greatly enjoyed in Saigon. I managed to satisfy my cravings for all delicious things I had been missing since my last trip such as Vietnamese bread a.k.a banh mi, Vietnamese crepe, pan-fried scrambled egg rice cake, pancake, steamed rice paper, seafood, sweet gruel and other dishes. But thanks to my hubby, there were three places that I can't help eating in Saigon: 

Phở Lệ is my favourite place in 413 - 415 Nguyen Trai, District 5, HCMC. The broth is incredibly flavourful and the beef meat is very tasty. But unluckily, they don't serve the vegetarian phở here so if you are a vegetarian, you should choose another place. The price is quite expensive but worth, around 65,000 - 70,000 VND (about €3)

Thanh Thuý steamed rice paper which is also called steamed thin rice pancake open from 7am to 4pm everyday in Nguyen Tri Phuong market, district 10 is a place that you should try to eat once if possible. A full option costs 35,000 VND, around  €1.5. How cheap it is for a delicious breakfast!

Thiệu Ký noodle, which is located on 66 Le Dai Hanh, district 11 is an address that I couldn't forget to visit when I'm back to Saigon. With over 70 years of experience, the handmade noodle becomes incomparable that you would memory if you had a chance to try. 

I will say goodbye Saigon again to return to my home in Dublin for tons of work on Sunday. Although I didn't meet up all my friends in the city before leaving, I also hope that they would be fine and not change much for the next year I come back. Have a great week everybody!

Thank you Nấm Nấm for taking us such beautiful photos (image from 1 - 5)
For the rest of photos, take and edit by Linh Dang and  me.

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