October 23, 2016 DUBLIN, IRELAND
"The work will wait while you show the child the rainbow, but the rainbow won't wait while you do the work" 

It has been one and a half month from the first day I was back to school. Everything has been still okay but occasionally I feel quite under pressure because of 365 things on a to-do list for one day. Even though my friends admired me how I can study when I have a baby beside me. Nope. I don't think I'm good enough to arrange the schedule every day for both tasks at the same time. To me, I think I'm just good if I could get many A points or successfully complete my program and achieve the distinction award while I have to take responsibility full time for my baby. But you know, I'm not a super mom. I'm just a very normal mom. I clearly understand that I'm not excellent in communicating in English as a local. I'm just a good listener and I need to prepare carefully before an important event. That's all. 

However, if you put your legs in my shoes, or even you've just gone back to work after a long time staying at home with your baby, you can acknowledge something quite interesting.   

- You cannot attend parties or go straight to the bar until midnight because you are busy to worry about your baby at home. 

- You only have time to study or work at night after your baby has slept well. 

- But you can fully focus on your assignments or your business only for 3 or 4 hours. Because your baby can wake up or you need to sleep for charging your mind and maintaining your energy for the upcoming day. 

- The rest time of your life is to spend time with your kid(s), such as play with them, calm them down, don't let them scream out for such a long time because this can make you crazy and uncontrolled, bedtime routines and other stuffs related to household chores like regular cleanups, shoppings, cooking and so on. 

- Meanwhile, you never think of attending society and community at university or going to the gym every week. 

- Sometimes you can lost concentration when you meet deadline due to your stressful day or sleepless night. 

- Sometimes you can feel so guilty when you ignore her/him, then you wish you could freeze the moments of time you have with your baby. 

Anyhow, these awful things will stop when she goes to the creche. I will have time for my "me time" at least just a few hours everyday but it is necessary and essential for a woman like me. I can focus on my business and my hobbies. Ultimately, I can love my body and improve my health with pilates.

Yes, definitely, it's absolutely essential.

And now, enjoy my Autumn's walk last weekend. Having said that it's very exciting when you have much time to enjoy every moment of the best season of all with your family. In Autumn, you can wear comfy clothes, layer on layer. You have Halloween which is the most underrated holiday of the year. And the cold weather autumn gives you an excuse to cook hearty stews and sip on mugs of hot chocolate. Just feel the moment as much as I can

But now. Back to the screen. Three more assignments to go.


PhotographyLinh Dang
Photo Edit: Molly Thanh Hang
Location: Stephen's Green Park - Trinity College Dublin - Trinity library 

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