January 13, 2017 DUBLIN, IRELAND
"Must race to the year!"

I started New Year after completing three individual assignments, two essays, one group project and three two-page articles for February issue for Elle Magazine. Honestly, I often do my best stuff when I work to a very tight deadline. It's not because I will wait for the deadline to begin my work. It's due to my crazy to-do lists I must have done everyday. Also thanks to my mother-in-law visiting us in over past two months, I've passed all my tasks well enough. My little daughter can now speak one-word Vietnamese and English and her skills have been improving noticeably, as well. I still don't know how I managed to stand straight on my own legs if I wouldn't have support from my family. 

Meanwhile, I've done three modules of MSc. Digital Marketing course in the first semester. Things that my lecturers in the university had taught us were quite general but I have learned detailed and up-to-date knowledge a lot by myself. That's more important. I heard some bitter complaints from my classmates about modules and lecturers. However, knowledge comes from what we acquire and what we want to increase. Lecturers are only supporters who could help us answer our challenging and unanswerable questions. Instead of waiting for the content lecturers bring to us, we can ask them what we need for our career based on their professional experience. I think that's the real benefit the university has given us during the time at school.

Back to my life this year.

For my style, I will go on choosing black and white for my wardrobe. There's nothing chicer - or easier than styling an outfit that's purely black and white. This combination are always perfect enough to work for any event on my calendar.

For my career, I am trying to get two Google certificates as soon as possible this month before coming back to second semester in the end of January. I am also trying to receive the 2nd Class Honour (at least) for my degree when it will complete very soon in September and jump into the official career path after all.

For my hobbies, I will try to develop my page frequently by interacting with other people for new topics such as interview, style and tips. Having said that, I still want to pursue our dream (Zean & me) from the closed page Moze Magazine. It was our sad story last year when we decided to close the page due to our limited time for it. Furthermore, I will try to maintain my frequent writing once a month for Elle Magazine this year. I love to come back for writing and put my name on my favourite magazine such like that.


That's all what I desire to achieve in 2017. Hopefully, I can complete all and summary my result on this page in the end of the year.

Must race to the year - over and out.

PhotographyLinh Dang
Photo Edit: Molly Thanh Hang 
Location: Blackrock, Dublin
Outfit: Zara Basic  

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