February 2, 2017 DUBLIN, IRELAND
I truly love to be taken images under the natural light in a beautiful day rather than in a studio with setting-up gears around

So here's something I've been waiting to share for a while. As you know, I truly love to be taken images under the natural light in a beautiful day rather than in a studio with setting-up gears around. Lighting helps my face fresher even though I don't wear much makeup.

To be honest, I don't know how to use makeup, so I'm very jealous of those who can do it very well, especially with the genius eyeliner. I will try later this year. Instead of makeup, I prefer taking time for good skin care and healthy lifestyle.

Here is my top 5 skin care tips that I regularly use:

I drink plenty of fluids everyday 

Hydration is very important for a good skin. Together with drinking around eight glasses of water a day, I often drink fruit juice or smoothie without adding sugar. You can use honey, instead of sugar, to add in your smoothie. My favourie smoothie recipe is a cup of Greek yogurt, a cup of blueberry, two to three strawberries and a tea spoon of honey, then you can mix them up by a blender and enjoy.

I maintain a healthy diet

I prefer Vietnamese food recipes rather than European cuisine, so I tend to eat more fresh vegetable, such as spinach, carrot, cabbage, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, beans, asparagus, squash and so on. In the meal plan, I maintain at least three portions of fish a week with salmon, mackerel, tiger prawn, whole sea bass or whole sea bream. The best way to make a tasting fish dish is to cook with fish sauce or roast it after salted with spice. However, we eat a lot of rice in the Vietnamese cuisine - therefore, I can feel uncomfortable with my body and I must do exercise such as Pilates or burning calories exercise three to five times a week. It could help my skin a lot, as well.

I moisturise every day and night 

"The best time to moisturise are right after you get out of the shower and right before you go to bed" - this is a good advice from beauty expertise and I try to do it very often in the daily skin care.

I wear sunscreen 365 days a year 

The daily UV exposure contributes to the visible signs of aging. So you should make it as a routine by using sunscreen to protect your skin on sunny or rainy days, when you're driving a car, flying in an airplane or running errands. Choose a sunscreen with a SPF of 30 or greater - and don't forget to be reapplied every two hours.

My fingers never touch my face

When you touch your face, it cannot only spread bacteria and cause breakouts, but it can also lead to scarring, an increase in wrinkles and even the flu. 

PhotographyLinh Dang 
Photo Edit: Molly Thanh Hang 
Location: Blackrock, Dublin
Outfit: Zara Coat - Zara Knit Top - Zara Cross Bag - Tommy Hilfiger Jeans - Chickwish Scarf 

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