Photography has been inspiring me recently. 

Photography has been inspiring me recently. 

I feel happy and enjoyable as holding the camera and taking these adorable or elegant images for my classmates. They are young, wild, free and they have a bright future ahead. Therefore, I found their big smiles and enthusiasm through the looking glass. 

These photos were taken at the campus in Spring. We love the city dressing in pink and we know that we will leave it soon. Then I decided to capture this very short moment of the year for my friends' LinkedIn profile pictures. I hope that they've enjoyed my unprofessional photography skill and could get their first jobs in the very near future. 

Good luck, my friends!

Photography & editing by Molly Thanh Hang - Image (1) Dave - Anna - Tyler | Image (2,3,4) Anna | Image (5) Emma | Image (6) Tyler. 

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