OFF DUTY GIRL is a website making assignment for Digital Technology & Design module of MSc. Digital Marketing at UCD Smurfit School. The website was built focusing on an imaginary product that is an online destination for the modern-day women.

The purpose of the website built ‘Off Duty Girl’ is to create a platform for women to be immersed in things that interested them when they have some time to themselves. The website works as a fashion, beauty and lifestyle online magazine. The designers chose to cover these topics as they are relevant to one and other and the most popular categories read on website for women. The aim of this site is to create a space where an independent woman can come to be inspired educated or simply entertained.

The name was chosen as it portrays to a reader this site is used when they are finished working and are looking for something to relax and read for themselves. The site prompts the reader to sign up to the ‘Off Duty Girl’ newsletter with call to actions and subscription bars. The site also clearly includes social media icons for the reader to easily share what they please. The editors decided to focus on ‘How to’ content for this blog. This type of content was chosen as it suited the style and purpose of the website. The educational approach ensures that the reader is learning things from the website. The editors broke articles into steps such as ‘5 steps to’ so that a busy woman who may not have much reading time to herself still learns from the Off Duty Girl online magazine.

This assignment is to see that we can not only build a website, but also implement SEO & Usability including h1 headings, image optimisation, image SEO, meta description, title, calls-to-action, image uniformity, links working, anchor text, navigation, layout of text, h2s/h3s etc where relevant, responsive, appearance on mobiles & desktops, usage of lists (where appropriate), usage of colours, aesthetic, consistency, title attributes, alt attribute. 

Website link: Off Duty Girl

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