October 26, 2017 DUBLIN, IRELAND
Let's step into the colourful fashion world 
and you will be surprised when you suddenly look yourself 
amazing-comfortable and confident in a bold fashion challenge.

Photography & Editing: Molly | H&M Knitted Jumper | Zara Dungaree (similar here)

This is one of my favourite sweaters from this autumn, with a denim dungaree dress from the last summer - which are my new obsession in my autumn and winter wardrobe. I found this mustard sweater when I was walking down the shopping mall in the town last week, but unfortunately the one with my size was not available so I was very tempted to look for another one on the website and I picked this item immediately in the evening before it could be out of stock.

In fact, wearing colour is quite a challenge for me. If you look at my wardrobe, you will only find many white shirts, t-shirts, black trousers and jeans. I love minimalism so I'm into buying white outfit even I have a lot of these things at home. However, it's time to ease myself into a bright new wardrobe.  I start to add one bright piece to a familiar outfit to ease myself in. I've leant some tips from one of my favourite magazines so I want to share with you gals here.


+ Think big, start small. Add one piece to a familiar outfit to ease yourself into a new wardrobe
+ Put together a 'column of colour' with a top and bottom in the same hue, but different shade
+ Go for something in a cut and fabric you feel comfortable in
+ Don't be afraid of pattern
+ Throw the rule book out of window. You can wear anything you like and dance with colour.

Now. Let's step into the colourful fashion world and you will be surprised when you suddenly look yourself amazing-comfortable and confident in a bold fashion challenge. 



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